The C SEED 125 outdoor loudspeakers are hidden in underground storage casings waiting for their audio performance and activation by the simple push of a button.

Projecting sound is an art in itself, and sounding great in open air environments takes an extra amount of genius. The heart of the C SEED Hyde 125 speaker system was created by masters of outdoor engineering.

L-Acoustics was the obvious technology partner of choice when C SEED set out to create the world’s best sounding retractable open air audio speaker system.

These are genuine high-end outdoor speakers, built to faithfully reproduce every last nuance of a beautiful violin solo or the rich texture of a great movie soundtrack, even on windy days.

For massive performance they are built into one-piece metal casings, precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminium providing the ultimate resonating body which makes the most of every single note, from delicate piano passages to screaming guitar riffs.

The C SEED Hyde 125 speaker system has sufficient power reserves to entertain even seriously partying capacity crowds by the poolside and is capable of unparalleled sound projection at angles wide enough to cover large terraces and gardens.