Artnovion White Acoustic Wall Panel with couch


“Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can remember.
Driven by the challenges of unraveling the mysteries of sound, I have been traveling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation. 
Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.”

Jorge Castro
CEO, Artnovion

Artnovion Black & Red Acoustic Wall Panels


Artnovion is all about premium acoustic performance, the development of all products is aimed to combine the very best performance with the best design. Regardless of the product function, either for absorption, bass trapping or diffusion purposes, expect premium performance together with a premium ambiance.

Artnovion innovative designs can be used on walls, ceilings and corners.

Artnovion Red Wavy Acoustic Wall Panels


Artnovion is a new league of acoustic treatments & are the forerunners of the next generation of acoustic panels. Completely adaptable. Completely customizable. Unique for each environment. A good acoustic treatment lies in the correct ratio between absorption and diffusion. Artnovion can regulate both, without changing its seamless organic pattern, allowing you to fully embrace the architectural style of your space without worrying about different panel placement, producing a wallcovering design truly tailor-made to your needs.

Artnovion White Office Acoustic Wall Panels


Artnovion combines Art and Innovation to create the most beautiful and effective Acoustic Panels globally. They include Absorbers, Bass Traps and Diffusers.

Artnovion blue and white designer acoustic panels on wall
black designer acoustic panels on wall
Artnovion black designer acoustic panels on wall
Artnovion acoustic panels on cinema ceiling for absorption
Artnovion acoustic treatment Artfazium_Hi-Fi_Retro_FHD
Artnovion acoustic panels and treatment