Roll Uno Day and Night blinds

Roll Uno N&D is day and night blinds system with a sheer and a blackout

Roll Uno N&D is day and night blinds system with a sheer and a blackout. It is available with stunning corten steel, antique brass or antique copper hardware. It can be manufactured as manual or motorised. Configured as a single-blind roller or in the Day and night  double-blind version, Roll Uno teams minimalism with unbeatable design flexibility. The streamlined design (the N&D version takes up just 10cm) means it can be fitted in even the tightest spaces.

Installation: Wall, ceiling
Materials and finishing: Aluminium structure, polished or any RAL lacquered, corten, antique brass, antique copper
Movement: Manual roller blind system with s-steel chain, motorised roller blind with remote control, motorised roller blind for Home Automation system

Roll Uno’s corner side brackets and structure are made entirely from extruded aluminium. It can be operated manually using the stainless steel chain or with a motor, which can be controlled via an RTS remote or can be connected to a wall switch.

The special cortex steel, antiques brass and antique copper versions make stunning additions to the collection. With its mechanical properties, high strength and unique colour, this alternative is a premium option when choosing Roll Uno.