Roll Cinque

Single, Double (with overlapping blinds) or Night and Day (sheer and blackout)

Roll Cinque in an extremely elegant roller blind system featuring contemporary frontal plate covering the tube and brackets. It can be produced as Single version, Double version (with up to 5 overlapping blinds covering spans of up to 5.8m) or Night and Day (featuring sheer and blackout on one system). Roll Cinque is a real bespoke system with 80mm-high aluminium frontal plate, which can be produced in your choice of finishes and colours.

In the “Double” version, the aluminium structure comprises two roller tubes that allow the blinds to overlap, preventing light gaps when covering large openings.

In the Night and Day version, Roll Cinque accommodates two blinds in a single structure. The two blinds – a blackout blind and a light-filtering decorative fabric are placed one in front of the other so that they can be used one at a time or both together, while keeping the two blinds independent.